by Craig Hafer

What do we really know about the unknown realm of unlimited possibilities, as Dr. Joe Dispenza would describe the source, the universe, the vortex, the divine matrix, god, heaven, etc.

You might have been castigated 20 years ago, and perhaps even 10 years ago to even talk about what and how we now know about the source. We are able to catch a glimpse into this unknown by several means, including dreams, psychics, channelers, past life regression hypnosis, mediums, and near death experiences (NDEs).

I am going to give you a glimpse into the unknown reviewing personal dreams and my experiences with a psychic.

Thirty years ago, I was a semiconductor process development engineer working on a process for a memory element. We deposited a thin film into a hole. The thin film around the edge of the bottom of the hole was not uniform and that was a problem. I had a dream with an object resembling a square edged dog bone slowing rotating in a black space, over and over again. The thin film was on the end of this dog bone, perfectly flat and uniform. What this object showed was completely obvious to me and exactly what we needed. Deposit the thin film first and then put the hole on top rather than creating the hole first and depositing the thin film into the hole. We implemented this dream technique into the process and eventually sold tens of millions of dollars worth of product using this memory element.

In January 2018, my dad, at 93 years of age, was completely comfortable, content and in the moment. His short term memory was completely gone and he slept 16 to 18 hours a day. A few times I had asked him if he dreamt and he would reply with his ongoing sense of humor, “How would I know, I was asleep.” The afternoon after my mom passed, I went into my dad’s assisted living apartment thinking he was asleep. He was awake and asked me, “Is mom dead?” He called his wife mom, for my benefit. I said, yes and he said, I had a dream that she was here in the chair next to me and she got up and said, I have to go. Then my dad asked, when did she die. I replied, last night and he said. “It wasn’t a dream then.”

This may be a bit new to you, but there are many books written by psychics, mediums and psychic mediums. And here’s a little trivia you may not know. All psychics are mediums, but not all mediums are psychic. The one I have visited three times is an evidential psychic medium meaning that when she does mediumship readings, she will transfer information that only the deceased soul and the person getting the reading will know – in other words, evidence of actual contact with a deceased love one.

My first visit to Susanne was mostly a conversation with me sharing my spiritual journey and listening to her thoughts and comments. She did a brief psychic reading stating that she had an image of stainless steel or titanium. She saw no rust or corrosion, which she said meant that I was healthy.

I asked Susanne to do a psychic life reading during my second visit. She explained that between lives, you know, in the soul world, I was a master gardener, learning as much as I could about plants, soils, nutrients and gardening. She further said that I was destined to do research in this life and write a book about gardening, plants, and nutrients and that it would be a great work and reference for many future generations. I plan to leave the gardens and gardening to Hae.

The third time I visited Susanne, I asked her to do a past life reading on me. She took me on a short walk into a 17th century German village tucked into a dense forest. She described women holding onto, what Susanne thought were, wheat stocks and threshing them by hitting them on a stone. Then we went into a small hut, my home, and she described samples and drawings documenting a large variety of plants. I was a horticulturist and later in life, as an elder, I was one of wisdom, that others would come to for consultation. 

After the reading, Susanne was very excited about me being a horticulturist in the 17th century because it aligned with the previous psychic reading. I told her my last name was German and that it meant oats. We quickly looked up images of oat stocks and discovered that they look exactly like wheat stocks.

I am completely fascinated by what I have been learning about the unknown realm of unlimited possibilities. We are creators of our lives and perhaps that is obvious, since we have the freedom to be happy and enthusiastic with our lives or choose the opposite. My call to action for you is to pay attention to your dreams, intuition and synchronicities. You may just find them helpful in your journey through life.