by Craig Hafer

Are you aware of spontaneous remission? For example, a tumor miraculously shrinks and disappears in a cancer patient. The doctor is dumbfounded and says, “we must have misdiagnosed you four weeks ago.” Or the placebo effect? As in, during a drug trial, a “control” patient’s symptoms disappear completely with a sugar Craig Hafer

How can that be? If spontaneous remission and placebo effects are so effective, so inexpensive, and without side effects, why isn’t the medical profession doing research and pursuing these healing techniques?

Actually, there are people who are working on alternative techniques, and only some are doctors. I am going to talk about two practitioners and then focus on my doctor.

Donna Eden, at age 29, had multiple sclerosis with symptoms so bad that all five doctors she visited told her they could do nothing to help and for her to get her affairs in order. The thing is, Donna has a special gift; she is able to see energy emanating from people, including herself. Since the medical profession had nothing to offer, she realized she would have to heal herself. With her hands, she worked her own energy to heal herself. Now, Donna, at 80, still enthusiastically teaches others how to do energy work and has written several books on the topic.

Anthony Williams, aka, medical medium, has a special gift. At the dinner table when he was five years old the spirit of compassion, from the other side, told him to put his hand on his grandmother’s chest and make the statement, “Grandmother has lung cancer.” Three days later she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Anthony is a medium and able to communicate with the spirit of compassion to help clients resolve medical issues. Anthony could not keep up with his clients, so he wrote a number of books to reach a larger audience.

Now I will focus on my doctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who I will refer to as, Dr. Joe. In 1986, Dr. Joe was competing in the biking portion of a triathlon when an SUV traveling at 55 miles per hour hit him from behind. His back was broken and compressed in many places. His doctors told him they needed to operate and screw metal rods into his back bones. The doctor’s prognosis was that he would likely never walk again. Dr. Joe did NOT have a special gift. Prior to his accident, however, he had been working on a meditation practice. After a week in the hospital, he went home and began meditating for three hours, twice a day. After six weeks he was able to quiet his mind enough to visualize his body repairing itself, bit by bit. Dr. Joe made a promise with himself that if he were to heal, he would devote his life to studying the mind/body connection. My favorite Dr. Joe book is, “You are the Placebo.”

All three of these techniques rely on tapping into the unobservable, referred to as the Devine matrix (Greg Braden), the vortex (Dolores Cannon), the unified field (Dr. Joe), God, source, universe or as I refer to it, universal conscientiousness. 

As Dr. Joe explains it, 95% of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are in our subconscious mind and being driving by our autonomous system. Do you have thoughts playing over and over again in your mind, such as, I don’t have enough money, I can’t do that, I’m not good enough, today is another bad day, etc? Dr. Joe presents advanced workshops all over the world helping people connect with the unified field to change their unconscious programming. Dr. Joe performs research at these events by measuring energy from participant’s chakras, participant’s electrical activity in their brain using EEG, and an instrument to measure the energy emanating from a workshop participant and from the event room. Dr. Joe’s work is now backed up by scientific data.

Dr. Joe’s technique is to achieve a deep meditative state and set an intention – it could be wealth, travel, new job, or healing, then in a deep meditative state transition from someone to no one, from somebody to nobody, from somewhere to nowhere, from something to no thing, from some time to no time and enter the realm of unlimited possibilities. Feel the emotions associated with the intention as if the intention has already been met. For example, feel the joy, love of life, and freedom from a healed body. In this deep trance participants can transform the intention and emotions into a current reality. The participant will have changed from the old person with old emotions and thoughts playing over and over again, like a broken record, into a new person with new enthusiastic emotions.

I have taken you on a brief journey of three “alternative” healing techniques, energy healing, mediumship healing, and meditation healing. There are many other techniques that also rely on tapping into the universal all-knowing conscientiousness. Life happens to all of us – we get sick, we have life challenges, relationship concerns, etc. Before you run to the doctor’s office and the pharmacy, STOP. Explore all your options.