By Craig Hafer

Bolduc’s rich and varied experiences, literary research, and at one time tragic event constitute the resource material for her book, “How to Simplify and have Freedom in your Life.”  Her compassion for others was the motivation for writing the book.  Freedom is the new American dream.  Treating yourself with compassion and kindness allows you to treat others with understanding and goodwill.  Working toward only the essentials permits you to feel less encumbered and more freedom in your life – freedom to experience more, work less, feel more, travel more, and help yourself by serving others.  The book is interspersed with stories from Bolduc’s life experiences to illustrate the various points she makes in the book.  Bolduc writes the book from a feeling of love in her heart.  

The book may be short and simple but also contains life changing 30-day challenges at the end of each chapter.  Life is a journey and these 30-day challenges may become the guiding light for a lifetime. 

In the preface of the book, Bolduc introduces us to the idea that we must balance our lives in six areas to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  Those six facets of life define the six chapters in Bolduc’s book and are as follows:

  • Relationships
  • Dream Job
  • Financial Freedom
  • Healthy Body for Life
  • Healthy Environment
  • Spirituality

Although each chapter is stand alone in importance, all chapters together are key to a balanced life.  The chapters are not in order, although the Relationships chapter is the longest and appropriately the first chapter.  Relationship is a broad term and so Bolduc separates the chapter into a widening sphere of personal connections..  Bolduc bestows thoughtful tips to enhance your relationships with a loving partner/soul mate, family, friends, neighbors, and community.

In the Dream Job chapter, Bolduc reminds us that many employees tolerate an eight-to-five job, just for the money.  She reminds us it’s OK to dream and even pursue our passion, while of course, working to pay the bills and keep food on the table.

Many of us fantasize of the day we “retire.”  Perhaps what we are really looking for is the freedom to pursue our passions now.  Could it be that going after the really important experiences in our lives is more important than the big house, the new cars, the expensive toys, and the accompanying debt?  Bolduc prescribes common sense actions that will help you find Financial Freedom in your life.

How many of us really consider our personal environment?  That means not only what we are putting into our mouths and lungs, but also what is being absorbed through our largest organ, the skin.  Just as we learned that smoking causes cancer (although not in everyone), we have learned, and the science demonstrates this to be the case, that what we put into our mouths, breath, and contact with our skin, can promote disease.  I grew up not thinking about why someone died of cancer, heart disease, stroke or any of the many chronic diseases.  I suppose I thought it was mostly random, bad luck, and “oh,” that person was not fit, or ate too many potato chips.  I thought death from chronic disease was only going to happen to someone else, not me.  Bolduc advises us in her chapter on Healthy Body for Life that we do have the power and authority to be healthy in body.  She counsels us to be the CEO of our own health, 24x7x365.  She provides a lifestyle changing evidence based reference to back up her guidance.  She informs us to be active physically and mentally.  “Health is Wealth” per Bolduc’s mom.

Bolduc states that she can perceive the emotional state and appearance of someone’s living space by observing the interior and exterior of that person’s car.  If someone’s car is cluttered and dirty, their home and mental head space will also be jumbled.  Bolduc gives recommendations on how to surround yourself into a peaceful, soothing, and convenient environment, all which contribute to a calm mind.

In the Spirituality chapter Bolduc gives a recipe for going inside yourself through gratitude, meditation, intuition, honesty, and quality of life.  You can create heaven on earth by opening up your senses and experiencing the here and now.  As in all of the chapters, Bolduc furnishes a 30-day challenge to help you ponder, set goals, and grow your spirituality.

Bolduc’s book, “How to Simplify and have Freedom in your Life,” is a quick, simple read with exercises and challenges to keep you engaged for an extended period of time on your path to freedom.  Would you like to simplify your life, reduce stress, minimize your financial dependence, be healthy to the end of your life, and have healthy satisfying relationships?